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Honda Civic CRX del sol bodykits and spoiler

We have seen the orange and black colour scheme a few times and it looks great on this Civtegra conversion. The Del Sol bodykit looks great, especially the smoother lines which contrast with many Japanese kits with their hard lines and sharp edges. This owner has opted to go with a smaller number plate so as to maintain the proportions of the kit although in many cases this is not legal. We actually quite like the Civic rear spoiler in black as it goes nicely with the black alloys and black mirrors. I wonder if this Civtegra is an Integra powered Civic? If so it would certainly have the power to go with its striking looks.

5 thoughts on “Honda Civic CRX del sol bodykits and spoiler

  1. Yes it has the power it has Itegra b18c6 with many mods power is about 290bhp and is normaly aspirated. Full details from the owner all work done by owner

  2. Your use of english is superb! It may not be to your taste, but it is to the owners. Bottom line the cars most impressive feature is the engeneering that went into the performance. Not just bolt on parts. This car is a real beast!

  3. Just an update on this car, it is now ‘nearly finished’ with a new map that was developed by the owner, based on a map supplied by hondata. The torque curve is very flat, providing strong and constant power, which is increased from the last post! Also, on a side note, my own del sol, which is very different, is nearly finished 🙂

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