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Ferrari F40 Styling

Body styling is rarely functional and frequently inhibits access to engine components and other areas of the car. The Ferrari F40 show how it is done properly with a hinge that lifts the entire rear section. Having just 1 section for the rear means that repair costs are generally higher but it affords supreme access to the engine bay.

1 thought on “Ferrari F40 Styling

  1. The Ferrari F40 is my favourite Ferrari of all time. The noise, power and looks, it’s probably down to the big rear wing and the body shape of it.

    I know they are totally undrivable in the wet but hey that doesn’t put me off. I just wish I had the money to buy one. Hopefully one day I’ll be a proud F40 owner.

    The F50 is a bit more curvey but the appeal of the F40 has to be it’s sharp boxy styling. It’s like comparing a Countach with a Diablo I suppose.

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