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Subaru Impreza Large rear spoiler

Firstly a bit of a rant. Subaru DO NOT DO THIS STYLE OF Type R badge (it belongs on a Honda), although they did a limited edition Type R model.

Please do not put stickers from one make of car on another – it just looks wrong. Now on the things this owner has got right.

The standard Impreza rear spoiler limits the rear view and let’s face it is starting to look ordinary. This Impreza owner has put an oversized rear spoiler with a high level brake light.

The rear lights have been converted into afterburner round lights with a black surround and two large oval rear exhausts.

The exhausts do not meet with everyones approval looks wise but they do sound terrific and really allow the boxer engine to sing out.

Add some rally style mud flaps to the rear wheels and you have a serious Subaru ready for shows, track days and days out.

You can do a lot worse than choose a Subaru Impreza Tuning project they have plenty of parts around for them, the engines sound fantastic and they are really well setup from the factory.

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