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Classic blue Blown Roadster/Street rod

Roadster/Street rods are a fantastic genre of car and custom roadsters epitomise the ultimate in showy, fun summer transportation. The style is typified with an open engine bay, plenty of chrome on show and all packed into an old chassis. The photo above clearly shows the supercharger and air intake mounted high up on the engine bay.

We can’t get over how clean this engine bay is! Ther ewas not a spot of oil, grease or grime anywhere so we have to hand it to the fastidious owner for keeping it in pristine condition.


The front and side views show the classic lines have been kept along with the original narrow tyres. A large engine bay like this really does lend itself to a big engine conversion project.

 The picture above shows how much wider the (driven) rear tyres are in relation to the fronts, although there is amassive size difference, it keeps in the tradition of custom roadsters and looks perfectly proportioned.

Details like the wolf badge on the supercharger and use of braided hoses are great touches.

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