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Subaru Impreza Large rear spoiler

Firstly a bit of a rant. Subaru DO NOT DO THIS STYLE OF Type R badge (it belongs on a Honda), although they did a limited edition Type R model. Please do not put stickers from one make of car on another – it just looks wrong. Now on the things this owner has got right. The standard Impreza rear spoiler limits the rear view and let’s face it is starting to look ordinary. Continue reading Subaru Impreza Large rear spoiler

Fully loaded White Impreza


What a start to 2008 – this is the snow white of the car world. The Subaru Impreza has a dedicated and loyal following. The flat four boxer engine gives it a distinctive engine note, but what is the point of having what everyone else has when you can mod it like this example. This pure white Impreza has a number of subtle modifications which really do enhance the appearance of the car. Continue reading Fully loaded White Impreza

Scoobie – subaru impreza with body styling and flamer kit

This Scooby has a really original colour scheme with internal plastics also painted to blend into the black and orange look. It’s not all about looks this car can really hold its own on the track with a remap and larger turbo conversion.

If you look at the exhaust you will notice a cable which powers a spark plug enabling the car to shoot flames from the exhaust when it is tuned to run rich. This ensures that you will not be tail gated.