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Peel P50 styling


Forget your Smarts, the IQ and the Aygo, here is the ultimate city car the Peel P50. Whilst not to everyones taste, um actually I don’t think it is to anyones taste when I think about it, it ticks a few boxes for go anywhere low cost single seater motoring. Look on the plus side, there is only 1 headlight bulb to buy every few years and you can use tyres from a golf cart. Another great plus is that you won’t ever be asked to give anyone a lift ever again. Hell, if this had 2 seats I doubt anyone would ask for a lift. 

I really struggled but I’m sure you can come up with some plus points or benefits to owning a p50.

1 thought on “Peel P50 styling

  1. Lets see some other plus pointss in favour of the Peel.
    You will probably never need to install one theft alarm!
    And if there’s no high stairs where you live you could hide it in your hall! (it might even fit in the elevator.)

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