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Toyota MR2 retrimmed interior

We found this MR2 lurking in the corner of a show in Kent. On a casual glance it looks fairly standard with a custom front bumper being the only obvious modification. As we get closer though we start to notice that the interior has been extensively retrimmed.

Cream leather seats look great, but are probably quite hard to keep clean. I know what my mechanics fingers are like at the best of times. But this MR2 owner has not just satisfied himself with retrimmed seats, the entire interior has had a cream leather makeover and looks simply stunning.

Even the centre console and door cards have been retrimmed in the same leather used for the seats. The steering wheel and other dashboard features have also been customised in a silver and black finish which contrasts very nicely with the cream leather.

A wider shot of the interior of this great MR2.
A close up of the door cards, showing the workmanship and superb finish. The leather has been double stiched and plastic handle surrounds fit nicely.

A mirrored engine cover allows us to see right into the deepest recesses of the engine bay. It is nice to see that the attention to detail on this MR2 has been extended to the engine bay with good use of polished chrome and blue hoses and leads.

 Overall this must be of the best MR2’s of this generation around. Both bodywork, interior and engine look stunning.

One thought on “Toyota MR2 retrimmed interior

  1. Hi I have a MK1 Mr2 and would like to brighten up the blackness of the interior i have seen chrome styling accesories that are available that are available for the MX5 and would like to buy the same for my car the items i am looking for are
    a chrome rings to liven up air vents, a clock suround i don’t know whether there is somewhere i can send the measurements to and they can be made up, these are available for the mk2 but not the forgotten mk1, I have had the car
    for 12 years and in that time i have had the wheels
    sand blasted and repainted new cambelt, steam cleaned and waxoiled and the seats recovered in leather with white piping.
    These cars are very reliable as long you watch the rust.
    Any help on where i could get these interior chrome accesories would be appreciated

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