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Aston Martin styling DB5 to DBS Vantage

It is interesting to look at the evolution of a brand. In this case we see a pristine example of a DB5 and compare this to a cutting edge DBS Volante. The similarities are still there for all to see, some car makers have pretty much rebranded their whole image but Aston Martin have managed to retain some of their original formula in the modern models.Safety regulations have had a large part to play in the evolution of a cars shape and styling and we no longer see sharp edges, flat fronts and chrome bumpers, instead we have smoother curves and sweeping lines and a more integrated front bumper. Aston have retained the wing vent and the distinctive shape of the grill. Which of these 2 is the better car? We will leave you to debate that one, the one on the left would be a pleasure to drive and is still very cool all these years on and the DBS on the right is the better performer and more suited to modern roads but which one would give the best driver experience?….

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