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Arial Atom the ultimate drivers car

The Arial Atom has to rate as one of the most exciting cars ever produced in recent times. The back to basics approach gives tremendous weight advantages and because this is a drivers car there is little in the way of comfort. Driving one of these gives the same excitment and awareness of your surroundings as sliding down a mountain on tea tray. The minimalist design looks great and even the chassis becomes almost architectural in appearance due to the lack of body panels. The engine intake sits right by your head and adds to the driver experience allowing you to literally become at one with the machine. The Atom is a joy to work on as pretty much every component is accessible without having to remove those annoying body panels.

The Green colour is the only green thing about this car, built purely for the sake of driver enjoyment, note the street legal slick rubber and lack of driver comforts like a windscreen! Definately one for the boys!

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