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Impreza Red silicone engine bay hoses

Engine bay styling is pretty high up on most modifiers agendas and a common option is the fitment of silicone hoses. These last longer than rubber hoses, are less prone to deform under vacuum and look a lot better. Most engines have suitable kits as the pipes have bends and fittings to match those in the engine bay, negating the possibility of getting a length of silicone hose and cutting this to size. Although we have seen this! Generally we would advise you to keep it simple, sticking with one signature colour and this can also be matched to electrical components and wiring. Some drivers prefer to use one colour for air and one for fluids but we can’t see much point in this. Stick with strong colours and just one, primarily red or blue otherwise your engine bay will just look a multicoloured sweater that grandma made.

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