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Blue Silicone hoses engine dress up kit

Blue is certainly a popular colour for engine dress up kits. This owner has got blue silicone leads, blue cable ties and blue cable wrap to hide those unsightly wires. It all adds up to a very tidy engine bay and looks stunning.

Other parts of the engine are either colour coded or finished with polished metal. The strut brace performs both form and function and ties off the whole look. Engine dress up kits are a good DIY modificaiton within the grasp of most owners and as long as you replace the plug leads in the correct order there is little that can go wrong. (Do each plug separately to avoid confusion.) Run the car breifly and check all new hoses for leaks. Then take the car for a short run and once more check for leaks.

2 thoughts on “Blue Silicone hoses engine dress up kit

  1. What company sales the blue spark plug wires?
    I have a Nissan 1992 300zx twin turbo.
    Any help would be nice.


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