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Drift spec Nissan 350Z


This drift spec Nissan 350Z shows a number of popular styling themes. The alloys have been painted in a bright red which positively upsets most cameras. 🙂

Note the race spec tyres with large contact areas, other than the addition of sponsor stickers the only other body modifications are aerodymics with a lower side skirt and rear intake redesigned to help the car radiators cool more easily as the radiators are located at the back. The aero dynamics of the cars are also vital and every vent or wing has been carefully set up to provide down force and assist grip and traction..

2 thoughts on “Drift spec Nissan 350Z

  1. I think you’ll find the rear vent is to aid cooling, rather than breathing. The back end of the car is comprised largely of radiators, the engine being up front.

  2. I’m attempting to obtain sponsership towards me entering my vehicle into car shows year as well ad nation wide, any suggestions? Thank you

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