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Honda Del Sol front bumper and bodykits

We seem to get quite a few Civics on here and it is good to see the rarer Del Sol. The trouble is that a lot of Del Sol kits look a bit Del Boy! This kit is probably in the love it or hate it category. We quite like it, different is good in our opinion and we see so many plastic fantastic kits with huge vents and spoilers this is a refreshing change. It features a good clean set of lines but we can’t help but feel it would look better without the front vent below the grill. Perhaps this is a bit too much of a Euro Look. The car has been finished off to a high standard and there are plenty of interesting power mods so it is refreshing to see a car that the owner enjoys driving hard but still appreciates some body styling.

3 thoughts on “Honda Del Sol front bumper and bodykits

  1. The front bumper on the orange crx looks nice. Where would i buy one from if i was interested? Anywhere in Australia?

  2. maybe its rare these days but when the import scene was HOT.. not overdone by the 90’s .. del sol’s were one of the most hooked up vehicles.. this is a very mild and smooth look agreed..

  3. it has a integra B18c6 with many mods delivers about 290 bhp normaly aspirated . full list of mods ask the owner all mods done by the owner

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