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Bentley Arnage doing a burnout.

Think Bentley and think luxury, tweed jackets, pheasants and driving over to Sandringham for a weekends groouse shooting. It’s refreshingly nice to see a Bentley being driven like one purloined it! We took this photo at the Autocar sideways day and it has remained a firm favourite in our collection. This example was driven by Guy Smith the Le Mans winner, a very nice chap who literally took us for a spin this awesome car.

The cars tyres were screeching away but with the window closed you could not hear a thing, the only hint of the excitement was tyre smoke coming through the seatbelt holders. As this is a styling site we need to mention some style points. We quite like the mesh grill and this sets the car off nicely, not too sure about the headlights though but these are an improvement on previouos models.

One thought on “Bentley Arnage doing a burnout.

  1. Bloody awesome. Always been frugal, bought Volvos for longevity, never paid much attention to RR or Bentley. Didn’t think they were cars meant to be driven. This car is. Saw one, fell in love after driving one, and bought it. Enjoy wagging its tail from time to time. Car has been very dependable and is going to be a long term keeper.

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