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Nissan 300 zx Beast


Take one ordinary Nissan 300 ZX, add a little imagination spend £40,000 and hey presto we have an awesome show car.This marvellous project on the 300 ZX shows what can be achieved if you use some imagination. The body kit has been extensively modified, even the rear exhaust tips blend well with the choice of afterburner lights on the rear of hte car. The addition of chrome teeth completes the beast theme.

This must rate as one of the most original show cars around and it deserves its place in our top 250 cars.


17 thoughts on “Nissan 300 zx Beast

  1. That looks like complete and total shite!!! Way to go turning one of the most naturally beautiful cars ever made in to a dog-ugly heap.

  2. this is nice! how did you do the indicators they are nuts! i like it as you put a theam to it and stuck to it!

  3. this is the ugliest 300zx i have ever seen. i cant believe you guys can call this “carstyling”. absolutely no taste at all
    all i see is a ricer

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