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Metal driled motorsport pedals

It doesn’t take long for the pedals in a car to get worn and most manufacturers go for a really dull black rubber. Whilst we are sure this is practical to a point we see more benefits from a set of aftermarket pedals. The biggest plus point is that are nicer looking. They also feel great under your foot allowing you to slide your foot from one to the other more easier. Generally speaking the pedals are larger than the standard ones and as a result it becomes much easier to do heel and toe gear changes, an essential track day technique. If your car is an automatic you are out of luck because you’ll still have to buy a set of 3 pedals!!!!

Fitting them is a doddle as the old rubber pedals pop off and the new ones slot on. Some kits require a screw or 2 but if you buy a kit for your car or a good universal kit you will get everything you need to apply this simple styling mod.

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