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Toyota AE 86 engine bay styling

The Toyota AE86 is  a stunning car. Still revered by many as the best drift car out there. few original cars exist today and those that are left have been extensively modified and tuned. This one is no exception to the buyit, mod it and drive it till it breaks then mod it some more and repeat mentality. It would seem that modern engine bays (see yesterdays Nissan GTR) are unnecessarily cluttered in comparison to those of cars made back in the 80’s. This one boast an impressive tech spec but we are not here to talk torque and power figures, instead we look at the appearance and style of the engine. Good use of orange to accent an otherwise dull and drab engine. Exhaust wrap has been added to keep temperatures down and the car itself follows the white, orange and black theme with a range of sponsor style stickers.

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