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Choosing the right colour paint for your car

A selection of high chrome paint finishes and a crash helmet with chromed silver paint over it. The wide selection of colours and colour effects make it difficult to choose the right one (sorry color if you are from the US!) Colours can look right on one car and totally wrong on another. The accessories colour and trim need to be taken in to account as well. Curved surfaces lend themselves nicely to the pearlescent and flip paint effects. Cars with simple lines and subtle angles look best with high sheen finishes such as chrome or high gloss finishes. Matt paint is also a good look and tends to work well on older cars and retro cars.

One thought on “Choosing the right colour paint for your car

  1. i’m getting a VN Commodore shortly and wanted to paint it either hyper yello, hot pink or lime green. Which would suit it more?

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