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Mk2 VW Golf VR6

This VW Golf has had a complete transformation. Whilst not to everyones taste it shows how far it is possible to go. It make a refreshing change to see a showcar which has some serious power under the bonnet, as well as the usual stickers, chrome and gadgets.

The car has a BMW lookalike front end, lambo doors and black/silver tribal stickers. The VR6 engine transplant was a bit of a nightmare, the original garage could not get it working so the owner took over the project himself and managed to get this beast to fire up.


The exhausts above are really needed to channel the hot waste gases from the VR6 engine. The rear boot install is both impressive and functional. The picture below shows just how much this car has changed.  A Mk2 Golf that looks like the 1 series BMW that didn’t ever exist.mk2-golf-vr6-4.jpg

50 thoughts on “Mk2 VW Golf VR6

  1. big no vw front grills should stay how they are. you want a bmw buy one dont try and build one from a vw thats the worse mark2 i have ever seen

  2. I like the concept, but bmw grille does`nt do it.”Originality should stay…and can only improve on it”

  3. very nice love the bmw conversion. kinda what im doing to mine just im over £15,000 to jap it up full evo front end and engine.

    haha bye bye GTI

  4. if you want a BMW front end, get a BMW.

    if you want a sick front end on your VR6, get a sick euro grille or something. keep it VW. dumbass.

  5. you guys suck what the # were you thinking. What a waste of a perfectly good car and awesome engine!!!! Stick to your little chav cars and don’t touch the respectable ones!!!!

  6. Oh Jesus, thats horrific, the work you’ve done has been carried out well, but you cant Jap a car like this, you EURO them smooth, debadged maybe, deep dish wheels… I feel a bit harsh saying it but i’d rather have that car with a completely stock body that that… by far

  7. ive got a golf mk2 gti, wat have you done to this keep it original man how it should be OLD SCHOOL !!!!!!!

  8. If i saw this behind me i would rip up the hand brake and RIGHT IT OFF!!!!!!!! your a disgrace to the VDUB community!!! laz.

  9. what is da point in gettin a mk2 if you gonna make it look like a christmas tree!?
    whay to much goin on in this car! you should be ashamed of yourself, should of run some euro style wheels (not them jap style ones) ones with a nice bit of lip on em! run em crazy low on coils or bags, and smooved everthin nice! you have destroyed a veedub and you should be ashamed!

  10. keep the good work up fuk the rest of them who say its shit iv add 19 golfs and this one is the bollocks

  11. Not my taste but love the fact a MK2 is still alive and not on the scrapheap. Too many are being broken on ebay. It’s also good to see how far you can go on mods.

    VW Club Gti Member

  12. To lightly modify my mk2 has cost me an arm and a leg whilst trying to keep it subtle cool. Most people would hardly notice the mods on it. I can only imagine how much this guy has spent and how little he would get back!!

  13. purely the worst car and paintjob i have ever liad eyes on, Mk2 is a classic, why ruin it like this. sacrolige

  14. nice clean work very well done but wrong car to rape if you wanna bm it get a bmw not a golf lads take it all off and start again

  15. this is god awefull!!! its like seeeing a hill billy mating with a supermodel it all turns out ugly in the end!!! one hint grab a match and some fuel and get rid of it!

  16. oh dear what have you done. Does not suite the car at all! Mk2 golf is a classic this is horrid!!

  17. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Mk2 golf – £1000
    Alloy Wheels – £800
    Box of modificatios from halfords discount bin- £15,000

    good taste……..priceless

    there are some things that money cant buy, for everything else there is Finance

  19. Mk2 golf – £1000
    Alloy Wheels – £800
    Box of modificatios from halfords discount bin- £15,000

    the look on everyones face once they see how much this car has beed ruined – priceless

  20. HAVE A WORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if i woke up and found my golf like that id go nutts !!!
    £15,000 in the bin

  21. it takes big balls to throw your money away like this!!!!! you are being too hard on the man!! he is a meccano set visionary!!!!! a golfist for all seasons!

  22. I feel that this is a cool conversion personally every bitching about keep it euro… aren’t bimmers euro hell they’re both made in Germany… an all the bs about blow the car up honestly all he need to convert back is a fenders grill headlights an bumper. you people lack creativity thats why you’ll forever follow the scene and never lead it… body vw heart vw face plastic surgery

  23. This is the most haggard veedub I’ve seen in my life. Such a waste of a car with so much potential. Whoever this car belongs to should be dragged out and shot for supporting such a disgraceful creation.

  24. You should actually kill yourself you have ruined an amazing car and you feel proud of it! if you want a heap of crap bmw go buy one dont ruin a mk2 golf! this should go to the scrappy straight away!!!! not one part of this i like! i wanna cry you have ruined this car so bad!!!

  25. why not spend 15,000 on an amazing engine conversion such as an s5 engine with everything smooth and a nice set of deep dish rims and a clean body! waste of money!!

  26. VW power the best, my GT runs down any GTi nd VR6 stupid conversion but nice though BMW are puppies

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