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Porsche Techart Magnum Cayenne

When tuner Techart get their hands on the Cayenne you can bet something rather special will happen. This is primarily a lesson in tuning but the styling is of particular note. The Twin turbo V8 has been reworked and improved as has the handling and braking of this behemoth. Techart have produced a stunning version of the Cayenne, the wheels in this model are practically buldging out of the arches and with over 600hp on tap you need as much rubber contact with the road as possible. Minor revisions to the lights, front grill and bumper allow techart to put their stamp on this car and they make one of largest fun track day cars around today. We are sure it is as much fun off the road as it is on the road. We really never thought we would be featuring a Cayenne on the pages of this site but when we saw this we simply couldn’t refuse.

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