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RX7 Styling with carbon fibre bonnet

This is the RX7 belonging to TorqueCars member Alex aka ASCAUDIO. He has done some extensive work to his RX7 since getting it. His bravest mod so far was cutting a large vent in his new carbon fibre bonnet. He admits he was a little nervous but just thrust in the He really needed it and has custom mounted the radiator and intercooler to give the best performance gains utilising the draft from the bonnet vent.

The car has some stunning alloy wheels and some nice mesh covered vents in the wings.

Plenty of wire mesh up front and you can just about make out some of the custom piping for his intercooler.

The rear wing is actually more for go than show and provides a lot of down force at speeding ensuring that Alex can keep all of the power on the road. He has lots of plans and ideas for the car. We suggest you join up on the TorqueCars forums to keep up with this ever changing RX7 project.

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