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GTO engine styling kits

The engine is often overlooked from a styling point of view probably because it is hidden away from sight. The photos show just how many different kits are available for the GTO. Custom engine covers are the easiest to fit. Replacing custom hoses will also be straight forward. Just ensure that the hoses are properly fitted and there are no leaks. Replacing the HT leads is also a straightforward job but do them one at a time because getting them mixed up will cause engine damage.

This GTO owner has pushed the styling envelope with chrome and red parts. The polished plenium is fitted with a custom decal as has the cam cover.

The same engine as above but in a blue theme. Again the use of a single colour keeps things simple and looks effective.

This final picture shows sparing use of a limited red hose colour retaining many of the standard black hoses, then a small amount of yellow leads has been sparingly used in among the red.

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