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Mad van with loads of speakers installed

Whereas most owners are content with 4 speakers some like a few more. This van owner has managed to mount 19 speakers …………. in each door and more every where else! Even standard cars are coming equipped with 8 and 9 speaker installs. It would seem that the more speakers you have the better the sound – or at least that is what this owner would have us believe.

Actually it requires a lot of skill and a bank of carefully placed crossovers, amps and power caps. Having 19 speakers per door seems like overkill and then you look at the rest of the vans interior and find that a speaker has been installed in just about every space. You really need a van to house the amps that power this totally crazy ICE install.

The van now weighs considerably more than it did and fuel economy has certainly suffered a bit. This is the sort of vehicle that doesn’t need an engine – if you crank up the volume it vibrates its way down the road. I dread to think what this install cost in both time and money!

2 thoughts on “Mad van with loads of speakers installed

  1. its actually 20 speakers in each door 😉
    eight 16’s at the bottom, two 13’s higher up, and
    10 tweeters- one by the legs, next to the 16’s, eight higher up, and one in the triangle next to the mirror ;D

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