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Toyota Supra rear spoiler

Photograph of a gleaming black Toyota Supra with a 2 level rear spoiler. Black is one of my favourite car colours. This 2 tier spoiler wil help improve the down force although only at street illegal speeds. The rear aerofoil should be considered a cosmetic modification. One thing to bear in mind when fitting one is the rear visibility. Most will restrict your rear view and may even make parking more difficult to judge. This wing is wider than the rear window and each of the planes are fairly narrow so the drivers view is not as restricted as it would be with other aerofoil designs.

One thought on “Toyota Supra rear spoiler

  1. Hi Nice Beast,Im trying to upload mine but dont seem to wanna let me,Mines a import modded with all sorts maybe soon ita work for me to upload,Mines silver but I must say I like the high Gloss Black very nice.

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