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Bad boy VW Lupo

When VW realised that the Polo had got to the size of the MK1 Golf it was decided to introduce a new small car. The Lupo filled that need well and we are starting to see some modified examples finding their way onto the streets. The standard Lupo looks quite sweet an innocent, not the sort of car your typical lad wants to be seen driving. However you can follow the example of this modified Lupo’s owner and fit a bad boy bonnet that wraps over the top of the lights giving an evil or angry stance. The front grille has been debadged and this gives the front a nice crisp clean look.

This Lupo comes with 5 spoke alloys which have been kept in A1 condition and the whole smoothed body looks stunning. Black has to be one of the nicest car colours around but it can be a nightmare keeping it looking shiny.

The rear has been debadged and smoothed, wider wheels fill the arches and a twin exhaust in the only indicator that this car has something special under the bonnet.

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    I’ve been looking for the all over the world! I live in London… Please email me the details.

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