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Toyota MR2 half open Headlight Modification


MR2 with half open headlights. The half open headlight look will also work on just about any car with motorised headlights such as the RX7 and early MX5’s.

This is one of those looks that the owner and those in the know think is cool but the un-initiated will be pointing out that the car is broken! The half open (or for pessimists half closed) headlight look is acheived in a number of ways. A switch can be fitted allowing the driver to control the headlight motor himself. A brake or wedge can be fitted to prevent the headlight closing. Or finally the headlights might just be broken after all. This is considered by many to be a cool look for a car. It looks best at night with a sliver of light spilling out.

A close up detail of the half open MR2 headlight. So what do you think of this look? Have you done this to your car, if so do you have any tips to pass on.

8 thoughts on “Toyota MR2 half open Headlight Modification

  1. In response to the post above….no it is not more drag, in fact it makes the headlights more streamlined creating less drag while the lights are on, thus allowing small fractions of a second off acceleration and speed times on track. Broken?? maybe it appears that way because you are one of those people the message mentioned that dont know jack about anything and yes to you it appears broken.

  2. Another tip for making the headlights half opened, instead of placing a wedge or a special knob for the lights, if you are electronically and mechanically inclined, you can get into the headlight motor assembly and turn the 3/4 turn gear so that it starts half way up the gear and only will open half way, or…….. the shady backyard mechanics way, clip the gear with some metal shears or a small tooth saw.

  3. Why not just use the standard light switch as is already fitted
    turn off the lights ,and when they are on their way down turn light switch to the first section (maintenance position)
    this will allow you to choose where the lights stop

  4. This is half of a mod Im looking for, does anyone know where to get a headlight mod that makes the headlights look like this, when their fully open? Ive seen it before, it take a 7 x 6 inch square headlight and replaces it with piaa lights, then lowers the headlight door, by 3/4’s. This makes for a much more exotic looks, while streamlining the car, and updated the aged look of older cars. Can anyone help?

  5. this is easy, done it to my two, all you do it put a 3 way toggle switch inline inbetween the fuse for the motor, you then turn the switch to its off position, and then turn the OEM light stalk to on, and use the flash side of the aftermarket switch until they are where you want them.

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