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Debadged Volvo C70 Grill

Volvos are not popular on the modified car scene, but when they brought out the T and the R models interest grew rapidly. Now there are a good selection of performance and styling parts around for the Volvo. Here we have a stunningly simple debadged grill from Heico. The standard Volvo grills do not do much for the appearance of the car and something as simple as debadging really transforms the cars appearance. The C70 styling was a turning point for Volvo where it eschewed the square and boxy lines of the 850. Do you think this was a move in the right direction?

2 thoughts on “Debadged Volvo C70 Grill

  1. After a long search found MrGrille on ebay who produce alluminum grills for 2009 volvo c70. come in black, satin and polished aluminium. When it arrived it was good quality but needed proffesional fitting Grill including shipping cost £72 … fitting £53…. well worth it car looks good

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