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Chrome car paint


 A colour you will never see on mannufacturers pricelists is chrome. It is a very highly specialised finish and requires a lot of time and skill to apply properly. First of all a dull base coat is added. The chrome is little more than a mist coat over the dark paint but it is crucial that the paint is baked otherwise it will end up looking dull and flat. The plan for the truck above is a Transformers theme which will be spray painted over the top. We featured this truck before but last time it was black with flames painted over the front.

In chrome the truck can really dazzle other motorists as it catches the sun. At the time this picture was taken there were no UK laws outlawing a chrome finish but we wouldn’t be surprised if something was introduced if it turns out that accidents have been caused due to glare from chrome paint. This should be an interesting project and we hope to bring you some pics of the finished thing sometime later this year.

For more information on the use application and sppliers of chrome paint see this chrome car paint feature.


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