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Interior styling and car mats for Nissan 300 zx


Blue and chromed interior of a Nissan 300zx. You will spend much of your time looking at the inside of the car it is a good idea to liven it up a bit from the standard factory drab!

The patterned metal car mats with sumptuous leather blue trim make this a car to remember.  Even interior details around and below the stereo have been retrimmed in blue. The key to interior styling is to stick to a theme and in this 300zx a chrome, and blue colour scheme look stunning.

Update for 2009, the interior of this great Nissan has just got even better and you can see from the picture below the additional enhancements made. DSC08540



We have some more fantastic pictures of this cars exterior in (12 Jan 2010).

19 thoughts on “Interior styling and car mats for Nissan 300 zx

  1. i have a red 300zx and i am wondering can y ou give me advice i love your interoir blue do you think that it would make a difference if i made my interior blue insted of red with the motor accents blue to can you send a picture of your 300zx

  2. yeah im wondering 2 where i can get that center pod..looks class but i cant find it anywhere on the net..please help..thanks!!!

  3. that’s a stillen pod. They don’t make them anymore. You’re gonna have to find someone that selling their used one. I sold mine for 350 bucks.

  4. Hey man your 300zx looks amazing, i own a 2+2 model non turbo automatic since u did ur interior so well i was wondering how much you payed for the entire interior to get re-done. Such as the leather dash trim, the seats mats center dash, if u cant give me an exact price, atleast a range of how much i would look at for new re-upholstered seats back seats trunk lining dash and doors. Also i have a leaking problem on both sides of the car near the T-top front, I wanted to know if u could recommend a specific sealer or a tip to seal it with zero chance of water getting in, because it seems to rain in my car as well. Also my last question is which fuse or link is wired to my defog on the front windshield i hope its a bad fuse but my worst fear is that it is the blower itself, driving is a bit dangerous when i cant see through the fog build up in my car during rain or snow conditions at night my visiblilty sucks and i know the leaks letting in moisture is a big problem contributing to it. Preciate you reading and im looking forward to hearing your advice, Thanks a lot.

  5. your zx looks awsome man. i have a 93 2+2 non turbo as well and i was wondering how how much something like that interior goes for cuz im wanting to fix mine interioir and exterior as well

  6. I need help bad, i am saving up to deck out the interior of my 300 zx and i am desperate to find a nice flat screen radio to match my blue and black interior. Please help me lol

  7. I was wantin comments on my idea for my first car.. How’s this.. A Twin-Turboed, Tornado Red, 95′ Nissan 300ZX with a front end conversion.

  8. hi im jus wondaring how much to do the whole interior inside the car is a 1997 300zx non turbo ,plesae get bak to me with a price , thanks

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