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Bentley in Pink or at least a pinkish red.

Yesterday we looked at having fun in a bentley today we look at a rather unusual colour option. A sort of pinkish red colour depending a lot on your monitors coloru settings. It actually looks quite nice buy probably won’t help with the resale value of the car thinking about the sort of owners that buy Bentleys. It is very nicely finished and we are already sold on the stunning mesh grill and I prefer the lights on this to the Arnarge that we posted yesterday. If anyone knows their Bentleys can they tell us what model this is? There is not a lot to go on.

One thought on “Bentley in Pink or at least a pinkish red.

  1. Thats a Flying Spur. It doesnt look like St James Red which is a stock color. It may just be the lighting and reflection of too small an appeture on the camera. Cool though.

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