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2 Tone Astra bad boy bonnet

This Vauxhall Astra has a 2 tone paint job with nicely contrasting blue and white layers separated by a black coachline. The car is fitted with Hydraulic suspension and a full bodykit allowing the wheels to properly fill the arches in show positioning.

 The car is kept in concourse condition and the owner has gradually evolved the car into the impressive show car that you see here. The sweep of the bonnet has been extended over the front grill in a smoothed bad boy style and a couple of bonnet vents have been added. Covering the grill like this can cause heading issues and will require the fitting of an efficient radiator and cooling system, the bonnet grills will help increase the airflow though and help compensate for this problem. It’s a shame that the photo doesn’t show off the alloys as these look really nice.

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