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Cool Lambo Supra bodykit and engine bay styling

This Supra has an interesting front bumper,deep vents and angular ridges really mnake it stand out from the crowd. The kit and body of this car is made from a light weave of carbon fibre and it has a deep glossy finish to it. Thankfully the styling doesn’t just stop there as we look into the engine bay we see a plethora of blue silicone hoses and plenty of very shiny chrome parts. It is nice to see this level of attention to detail and it is always a dissapointment when we look in the engine bay of a great show car and it is completely standard!

Not content with just these mods this Supra has been equipped with Lambo doors and also boasts a vented bonnet.

A close up showing the carbobn fibre weave in the mirror and bodywork.

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