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Stunning original Delorean

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Now here is a car with a history. It was popularised by the Back to the Future seires of films. People fell in love with the unpainted brushed stainless steel body and gull wing doors and it instantly became a legend.

Car tuning

The DMC were plagued by financial problems so the car was rushed out and only a limited number were sold. There is a gold plated version around which was used as a promotional vehicle by a credit card company. There are a number of weakspots in these cars but the owners love them and every one I have ever seen has been cherished and kept in pristine condition. A few even have extensive engine tuning turning it into to a goer as well as a looker!

Bare metal may well catch on, although you need a rust proof metal like stainless steel or even aluminium to pull it off. A similar look can be achieved with a flat chrome paint finish.

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