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Replica of Hans RX7 from Tokyo Drift

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Tokyo drift, whilst not hailed as a masterpiece of story writing, it certainly provided a lot of car related eye candy. This stunning replica of the RX7 if finished to a high standard, and features the split rear window and 2 tone black/gold paint job. The car is both striking and very originally styled when compared to other popular bodykits.

Car tuning

The rear is probably the weakest view of this styling project as there is a big expance of plastic and an annoying recess for a decal which would look much better smoothed out. The smoked rear lights and rear wing look good though.

4 thoughts on “Replica of Hans RX7 from Tokyo Drift

  1. so how’d u get the car like hans did u get like a 95 mazda rx7 then get the veilside fortune bodykit?

  2. Hello. Is this kit made from scratch or did you purchase the veilside fortune body kit.

    Also do you know what the name of the projector headlights and rear lights are called

    Cheers. Email:

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