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Gumball 3000 Oakley design Porsche GT3

The GT3 is arguably one of the finest cars ever to come from the Porsche factory. This White GT3 sports a wide range of stickers, notably the Gumball 3000 promo stickers but also with some major brand names. The Oakley Design stickers across the front screen and doors look good and we have to admit that sponsering a car of this calibre does wonders for your corporate image and brand identity. The rest of the car has been left fairly standard looking with a few very subtle modifications here and there. The big advantage to vinyl stickers is the ease with which you change the look of the car and the relatively low price involved.

The rear view is the one that most otehr drivers will see. This photo also shows the stunning black alloys and 2 colour rear wing. Although there is no Porsche badge the GT3 sticker remains, just to remind all car afficionados that this car is something special.

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