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Interior styling of a Nissan 300 zx


Interior of a Nissan 300zx. As you spend most of your time looking at the inside of the car it is a good idea to liven it up a bit from the standard factory drab!
Steel mats and blue trim set off the inside of this 300ZX nicely. The key to interior styling is to keep it simple and here a chrome, and blue colour scheme really work well together.

4 thoughts on “Interior styling of a Nissan 300 zx

  1. hey i would really like to know were evreyone keeps getting them pods that sit above the vents like yours if you could tell me what there called or were i can buy one i hate the side tripple pillars the r not my style i like sleek almost factory with zip thank you

  2. They are custom made and fit for your car. You can try and get them off E-Bay in car parts as well as going to google and typing in pods for gauges.

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